Mane & Chic helps me out in the fashion department

Kai, the owner of Mane & Chic has a new segment on her blog called “Worked” where her readers can send in a picture of an item in their closet that they may need a little help with. I sent in a pic of a Teal Blazer that I purchased after seeing GabiFresh (the new MTV TJ Woohoo!!) with one months ago on her blog.  I loved the look so much that I was at a store in a local mall and saw one for $19!! Of course I hadn’t worn it since. I am Fashionally Challenged. I had NO idea whatsoever of what to wear with it.  So I sent in a pic and she came up with 3 different looks I had to share.

Check out Mane & Chic‘s blog. I love her mix of Hair and Fashion. You will definitely enjoy her blog.


curly comments!

  • I love it. It’s funny or ironic that you did this because I was seriously considering sending some pics of my finds to African Export or Nicole (mop top) to get their opinions. Although, I have already pieced some fits together I wanted to get the gurus advice. Lol Maybe I’ll send in some pics to Kai too. Thanks!

  • That’s excellent! I love looks one and two. I need to do the same thing for several pieces in my closet! lol