Mane & Chic E-Book Details Her Transition & Helps Your Through Yours

Most of you probably  know Mane & Chic.  I remember following her blog years ago…at least it seemed like years ago. Her hair is fab, her clothes are fab….but one thing stands out about this blogger….She doesn’t show her face. I imagine that she is absolutely beautiful. It’s so funny how we look at bloggers who don’t show their face, yet you have a made up face in your head of what you think they look like lol. So in my head, she looks like Chanel Iman lol

I absolutely love her blog.. She showcases clothing- OMG she dresses soooo cute, she’ll show you how to put outfits together (she even helped me out on one of her posts), and of course she shows off her amazing hair and features other people’s hair. You should definitely check out her blog which was recently renamed to Texturephilia

Before people were really documenting their transitions, she was on it! She took pics the whole way through and documented through her blog which started in 2007. She gifted me with her e-book and I HAD to check it out. The title of her e-book is called “Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About My Transition To Help You Get Through Yours!” 

Even though I have transitioned myself, my transition was not nearly as long as Kai. My transition was pretty brief and I ended up doing a big chop with about 3 inches of new growth (so it was pretty much like I barely transitioned). Long transitioning was NOT FOR ME. But after reading her e-book, I thought “Wow, if I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t definitely be a long transitioner”. I just always thought it would be so much work. Kai’s book taught me it just takes patience.

It is doable and you do not have to do the big chop.

Some of the amazing chapters include What is Transitioning?, The Big Issues, Techniques, Products and Tools That I Used, Regimens and Rules, and many other helpful topics.

She takes you through deciding to go natural to her long transition, into her chopping off the remaining relaxer and how to maintain healthy hair. I definitely recommend this book to someone who want’s to long transition instead of big chopping. I understand..big chopping isn’t for everyone. I get asked all the time for tips on how to transition without BCing and I am absolutely no help in that department. Now that Mane & Chic has her awesome e-book, I will start referring people to her book.

She is only charging $5 for her 35 page e-book and the proceeds are going to something cool for her blog. I can’t wait to see what it is!

Check out her book here to purchase.