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Make Up For Ever #MakeUpBagRemix Tour Recap

Make Up For Ever #MakeUpBagRemix Tour Recap

I had a b last this weekend at the Make Up For Ever #MakeUpBagRemix tour.

Going to a couple of different cities, they stopped by Atlanta to Atlantic Station to share some makeup tips to ladies in the area. I signed up for an appointment to get a 1-on-1 with a make up artist who would show me how to use the items in my makeup bag. I am a huge MUFE foundation fan!

I wanted to get a better handle on concealer which I don’t wear. I’m afraid of concealer because I know if it’s not done properly, it can look REALLY bad in pictures as I have seen several celebs look like they put baby powder all underneath their eyes. Looks great in person, but as soon as that flash hits them, it looks really bad:

My 2nd thing was colored shadows. I am the queen of neutral shadow. I love neutral colors because it doesn’t matter what colors I am wearing, it just goes! I need to step outside of my comfort zone.

My makeup artist was the homie Whitney who happened to be there so I went directly to her chair! Her makeup was flawless as usual!

First, she taught me how to pick a concealer shade:  either do my shade or a tad bit lighter. You don’t want it too light, and you don’t want it deeper than your shade. She used the HD Invisible Cover Concealer. It has a nice little click applicator so you won’t get the product all over everything.   She showed me a great way to apply it with a brush and then to set it with finishing powder.

Next up were eyes! I told her I LOVE bright colors and different shades, but that I find it a little intimidating because of my complexion. I don’t want it to look clownish by using certain colors. She suggested I try the Aqua Cream eye color in Turquoise

She taught me a great way for it to not be overbearing AND for me to be able to just use one shade and go. I told her time was a huge issue for me. It was so simple and with a great brush and great swiping, it is a quick 3 minute eyes.

Here are my eyes about 9 hours later—No creasing and it’s STILL there…Oh Yeah! And no baby powder look under the eyes hehe!

Thank’s so much to the Make Up For Ever team in Atlanta! BTW, for all of us who made an appointment and showed up got a cute MUFE gift bag with lots of full sized goodies including cream shadows, mascara, lip gloss and more!!

My hair photographs so orange!?!? Ay yi yi!!

I had a great day hanging with and Danielle of

Thanks MUFE for having us!