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Maintaining My Curly Bob – Wash, Style, Night-time!

Maintaining My Curly Bob – Wash, Style, Night-time!

This has been so different for me. I have only had a bob one time in my life which was senior year of high school. Since then, hairstyles have changed. I really don’t know how to do short hair lol (unless it’s in its natural state)

So even though I am not good at it, I have to try. The first time I washed it, I put too much oil on my hair even though I know Oil is a NO-NO for weave and that is no bueno. What I have found is the easiest way is to wash my hair and put very little product on it so it doesn’t get build up and become heavy.

Here are my steps.

Wash The Hair

I put different products on my leave-out versus my extensions. On the extensions I put the Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse since the hair is naturally wavy/curly. On my hair, I put Ojon dry recovery™ Revitalizing Moisture Mist


Sit Under The Dryer

When you wear weave you have to sit under the dryer and let your braids underneath dry. It is imperative or it will smell like mildew


Straighten My Hair

I took my leave out in small sections and flat ironed it and placed it over the track to cover. Below you can see where I did a small section


Curl The Hair

After that, I just took sections on the top of my hair mixed with a little of the weave and curled it with the flat iron.

DSC_0477 DSC_0483

And there you have it! I may not be awesome at the cropped cut, but I definitely figured out how to make it work easily!

At night I have it pretty easy. I just put in flexi rods on the top half like this:


DSC_0640 DSC_0653 DSC_0651

I could’ve used smaller flexi rods but it ends up blending great.

*Hair was provided by Indique Hair for stylist Alicia Igess from UrbanTangles salon.