Why Do I Love My Curls? Check Out Dove Hair’s ‘Love Your Curls’

Why Do I Love My Curls? Check Out Dove Hair’s ‘Love Your Curls’

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My curls….how I love thee. It wasn’t always love there. I definitely started my natural hair journey with a love/hate relationship. When I first cut all my hair off, I loved the curls, but didn’t like the awkward length. Later on that day I got microbraids to hide my short curls. When I took them out, I was one of the only people on my college campus showcasing my natural curls and got some looks of love and some questioning looks.

I went through internet forums at the time and would chat with fellow curly girls of all races to learn some tips and styling products for my “new” hair. It was then that I grew to love my curls unconditionally. Learning MY hair was what helped me get through that process. Playing with different products, trying out different styles, welcoming the versatility of curly hair, this is what made me love my hair.

I am not the only one who had a love/hate relationship with curls. Unfortunately, I still see it everyday. Someone is worried about their curl pattern, or that their hair is too dry, or several other curly hair complaints. Dove Hair created a Love Your Curls campaign that actually was a true eye-opener to me. They did a major study and came up with a couple of key facts. Did you know that 1/3 of women in the US have curly hair? I sure didn’t know this…a lot of women must be hiding it :/ To top that, only 10% of women in the US who have curly hair don’t feel proud of their hair.

On a brighter note, over half of women who grew up with curly hair disliked their curls, but that number decreased to 33% in adulthood. That is great to know that a lot of women grow to love their curls over time. If may not always start off amazing, but in the end, everyone can learn to love their curls. Sometimes it just takes some encouragement.

It’s really all about setting positive examples. If we as adults love our curls and show the young girls that curls are amazing, they in turn will love their hair. It definitely starts with parents and family. According to Dove Hair’s study, girls are more likely to love their curls if the people around them do too. It starts with us! We can be the change to help them embrace their curls!

Check out the Love Your Curls video and let me know what you think:

In an effort to encourage women to love their curls, Dove Hair has created a new Quench Absolute Collection that includes a shampoo, conditioner, serum, & mask. These products claim to nourish and create more defined curls. I will be doing a review soon so look out for it!

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