lol Should you get a relaxer?

Quiz: Should You Relax Your Hair?

Find out if your hair can reap the rewards of a relaxer

Ha ha . This has to be the funniest thing I have seen in a minute. I found this on from So basically they have a quiz where you can answer some questions and they will determine whether you should get a relaxer or not. WTF? Firstly, “reap the rewards of a relaxer”…really?You KNOW I had to do it anyway just to see how dumb the test was. ..and my results are

“Consider Relaxing Your Hair- We knew it: You are tempted to tweak and toy with your hair, like you do with your clothing, weekend plans and daily routine. It’s fun to try something new with your strands, be it a style or texture, and we like that you understand that hair speaks volumes about your personal style and edge. For this reason, you should absolutely consider relaxing your hair”…blah blah blah.  Really? That is the dumbest reason…if I tend to tweak and toy with my hair, its actually better I do it natural- I have more versatility—with relaxed, its just straight…and ….straight.

I wonder if anyone gets a “Stay Away from a Relaxer”…doubt it…take it and see what you get if you want to laugh..

Click HERE for the quizz.

PS. So I went back and changed my responses and got “You, my friend, are an ideal candidate for an at-home relaxing treatment. Your hair is basically begging for the versatility, sleekness, shine and though it sounds cheesy, the overall allure of relaxed hair. The key is to relax it the right way.” …I got it now…that quiz on there is sponsored by Motions so I guess EVERYONE would get the results of needing a relaxer..btw, they ask questions about lipsticks and where you would vacation, etc..that has nothing to do with getting a relaxer.