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The @LincolnMotorCo MKZ Experience Test Drive #LincolnMKZ

The @LincolnMotorCo MKZ Experience Test Drive #LincolnMKZ


Yesterday, Atlanta’s media headed to The Optimist to meet up with the Lincoln Motor Company team to check out the newest MKZ.

While we enjoyed the best seafood in Atlanta, we got a chance to hear all about the new MKZ and the design and performance features.


When we got outside, we got all of the scoop and got the see all of the new design features of the Lincoln MKZ where we got to ask questions about the luxury sedan.


You know I love getting together with my girl SpeedBeautiful for automotive experiences.


I test drove the Reserve 3.0L GTDI V6, with Ebony/Touring White Leather interior, Ruby Red Tinted CC Metallic in color, Driver’s Package model. So immediately when I found out they had a massage feature I was like “OHH-MM–GGEE”. That feature alone sold me. The traffic in Atlanta is brutal and have a 45min-1hr+ commute to work each way so you already know how crazy that can drive you. The massage was a great way to relax my body while riding around the city.


The MKZ is also equipped with Pre-Collision Assist, adaptive cruise control and more. Again, those are all great for Atlanta traffic.

Now let’s get to the music. I synced my phone immediately and went to my Spotify playlists. I played a little bit of everything from Britney Spears new album to Two Chainz. I wanted to hear all types of music in the car to see what it sounded like, especially songs with alot of base. The sound didn’t disappoint.


Following the GPS, it led the Entertainment media to a studio and we were surprised to see Super-Producer Bryan Michael Cox and singer Anthony David.

The panel chatted with us about the importance of sound in the car. With the Revel audio system, you have the highest quality of sound while you are riding (without the shaking of the doors).

Anthony David performed for the media and gave us an acoustic version of a song on his recent album “The Powerful Now”  along with his hit “Forever More”.

Sidenote: Bryan Michael Cox (HEY CAU!!) just got back from Italy with THE Mariah Carey. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Thanks Lincoln for giving us the MKZ experience.