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Life With A Tapered Cut – 10 Random Thoughts

Life With A Tapered Cut – 10 Random Thoughts


This tapered cut is EVERYTHING to me! Who would’ve thought that cutting off your hair could do or change so much. Here are 10 random thoughts I have had over the past 2 weeks

  1. Working out is a breeze. My entire head is wet from sweat when I get out of spin or boot camp and it’s just not a big deal.
  2. I keep trying to put my hair up as if I still have long hair. It’s actually hilarious. I will motion my hand to put my hair up in a ponytail and then forgetting that there is nothing there lol
  3. I must look older because 50+ year olds have been hitting on me. It’s funny actually.
  4. I think 3 days is my max for wash & go’s with my cut
  5. When I wash my hair, I overdo it with the shampoo and conditioner because I am used to having to use 5 pumps for shampoo and 8 or more for conditioner…smh, I don’t need that much. I am wasting product :/ I can go with 2 pumps of each and keep it moving
  6. Oh and let’s not forget about styling product. Why do I still put so much in my hand?!? Again, wasting product. I really only need a quarter sized.
  7. It’s waaayy harder to do a twist out now. I have to do the twists smaller because of the length so no more chunky twists for me :/
  8. Everyone is confused why I cut my hair. Hair grows back so I’m not trippin.
  9. I have to wear earrings everyday now and feel pressured to wear at least a little makeup lol. After all, my entire face is now showing.
  10. I think I really like it! I want to keep it this length until maybe next year.

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