Lexi’s Hair History

I thought it would be cool to show some of my hair history. From a little girl to now!!

So lets start of as a baby


and then Elementary School..I got a relaxer I believe when I was like 9 if I’m not mistaken. I remember those dreadful pressing combs…EEEK

mefloraldressme1st grademe littleballetdancekindergarten

Now Middle school…now this was the time when I was trying to grow my hair out but it was a disaster…I don’t have the pics from that time. I need to find my 7th grade year book during my first transition..that ended pretty quickly.


High school… I begged my mom to let me cut my hair and she finally let me cut it senior year above my chin. It grew pretty nicely by the end of the school year. I used to get my hair done every week at this point and a relaxer every 6 weeks.


College:  So lets start when I was still relaxed and just deciding to go through the transition..


So I ended up messing up my hair trying to dye it myself..tried to dye it blonde–it came out orange so I put a Fuschia rinse on top which gave it that red look. Now onto the “fixed” hair. I had to do a corrective coloring.  The 2nd pic is me wearing a weave to mimic natural hair. I wanted to wear my hair natural soooo bad.

homecoming playboy

Now are you ready for this…transitioning time…

:sigh: No bad comments about where I worked during one summer in college LOL. Weave in the first picture and micro braids in the second to help with the transitioning process.


And finally the Big Chop:

And you know how the rest goes…