Lexi’s Beach Day Essentials

Lexi’s Beach Day Essentials

I just joined this really awesome gym in Atlanta that has 2 pools and now I am ready to swim more. Since I live inland and can’t get to the beach much, the pool is now my new place of solace.

When I can get to the beach, like I’m headed this weekend, I take the same steps as I would the pool.

There are rules and preparation before going out in the sun to swim in the ocean or the pool and I’ve partnered with Dove to share my beauty routine. This starts with heat protection, sweat protection, and hair protection.

Sunscreen is a MUST!

Everyone, regardless of skintone needs to use sunscreen. I prefer the aerosol application because it’s not heavy and is perfect for the tropics. I always use waterproof when I know I am getting in the water that day.

Strong Deodorant Protection

I sweat a lot so a strong deodorant is important to me. I work out several days a week and I live in Atlanta so you know it’s hot and humid here. When I go to the beach or pool, I still need the sweat and odor protection that lasts.

The Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant helps keep me dry and odor- free and it doesn’t cake up under my arms. Nearly 2 out of 3 women have issues under their arms like uneven skintone, irritation (I have had burns from certain deodorants), and more. With this antiperspirant, my skin actually feels smooth underneath. So it’s not just protecting me, but it also provides skincare benefits.

I’m headed to Haiti this weekend and this deodorant lasts up to 48-hours so you know II will be protected all day working in the sun and beachtime. I need this for long days that I won’t be able to get back to the hotel to shower throughout the hot, summer days.


Hair Prep!

I always prep my hair prior to jumping in the water. The salt-water or chlorine can be devastating to your hair so I am always coat my hair with conditioner before I get in. After I am done, I immediately rinse my hair and condition it again to make sure my hair is nice and clean. Oh, the joy of having blonde hair!

What is on your beauty check list when headed to the beach?

This post was a collaboration with SimplyStylist