Lexi’s 2010 Awards

These are just my personal awards I wanted to announce lol. This year, I have tried so many new products and hairstyles over the year so I wanted to share my thoughts!

Best Hairstyle of the Year

The “Janelle Monae” of course. This is my go-to style now.She has been out for years in the ATL scene but now that she is bigger, everyone is trying her style out.  I used to be the boring twist out and wash-n-go person. This year I jazzed it up a bit.

I haven’t mastered it yet but I’m starting to get the hang of it. I think the key is to do a twist out on the hair at the top to create bigger hair.

Best Smelling Product of 2010

Hands down goes to Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding !!! It has a yummy smell of something tropical. I can’t quite put my finger on it. lol One of my friends thought it smelled so good, she tasted it lol (I’m not gonna call you out haha)

Very close 2nd place Miss Jessie’s Hair Pudding

Best Product for retwisting for a a twist out

I have to give this to Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme. I can always count on MJ Buttercreme when I want to add moisture and when I need to retwist at night.

Best Inexpensive Product

Cantu Shea Leave In is . This is another one of those products I can always count on and it doesn’t cost much money at all. Most stores have it- drugstores, Wal-Mart, Target, BSS – beauty supply stores. I use these for twist outs. This is another product that never fails me

Best Shampoo

That would have to go to Wen. This is the first time in history I have actually been pretty consistent with one shampoo. Every now and then I would use another shampoo, but consistently Wen has been my shampoo of choice this year. It makes my scalp feel so good and opens it up.

Best Conditioner

I would definitely have to say a tie between Aussie Moist and Aubrey Organics White Camelia Ultra-Smoothing Conditioner.  I like the Aussie because it is THE BEST for detangling..not to mention the price. Its great for slippage and the comb glides right on through my hair.  I like AO White Camelia because my hair feels sooo soft after…even if I used a shampoo with sulfates and my hair felt HORRIBLE after the wash, the conditioner makes it bounce right back and is soft again.

Best Detangler

Why, of course, Ouidad’s Double Detangler! It was an amazing adventure. I now can detangle my hair in less time and my hair doesn’t break off.

Best Curl Clumper

Would have to be a regular ol’ paddle brush. This has been my trusty clumper since day one of me going natural. I found out by accident how well it clumps.

Thats it for now. What were your favorite products/tools you discovered this year?