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#LexiInNairobi Faux Locs At Kenyatta Market

#LexiInNairobi Faux Locs At Kenyatta Market

I am in Kenya!! I am on day 2 but really day 3. I am loving everything about Kenya. I will provide a full overview when I am for those that are thinking about traveling to Kenya. For now, I wanted to talk about these epic faux locs I have.

In a travel group I am a part of, I saw several people, including a friend of mine talk about epic braiding styles in Kenya for a super low price. I was semi-intrigued but thought, “Eh! With my hair short now, I don’t even need braids/twists for easy vacation styles” lol.

My travel partner Rivea said the first day she wanted to get her hair braided and since it was just us two, I didn’t want to wander around Nairobi by myself for a whole day. When we arrived at the Kenyatta Market we weren’t really sure what to expect. We knew a ton of people would grab us and try to get our business, but other than that, we hopped out Uber and we were up for the experience.  Oh yes, they have Uber in Kenya 🙂  ( Shout out to the amazing Uber team in Kenya) If you visit Kenya from now until the end of August, you get your first ride free!! (see details below)

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So we took Uber over to Kenyatta Market and were slightly nervous as we hopped out the car. Cleary the only non-Kenyans, it was different and we thought it would be slightly overwhelming at the maze of stalls with tons of people trying to get your attention. Luckily, the first lady that got our attention walked us to her stall 297. Her name was Chao and she was ready to get to business.

While I walked in unsure if I was going to get anything done to my hair, Chao kept pointing at a big poster with a ton of braids. I spied out of the corner of my eye a pic of faux locs and was sooo surprised in fact to see them up there. She proceeds to go through her phone to show us the recent faux locs she did. I swear this lady KNEW ME before I walked in. Everyone that knows me knows that I have been crushing on faux locs for some time now. I will admit, the time to put them in scared the mess out of me. Most people say 7+ hours. I can’t even begin to think about sitting in a chair 7+ hours. Let’s not forget the biggest part..the price. Faux locs according to alot of people I searched on StyleSeat are about $250 for 180 minutes and then it goes up from there. Now, in 3 hours with one person, you aren’t getting very far with faux locs. Maybe they could do that on a baby :/

Chao let me know the price it would be for the hair- 450 Kenyan Shillings per pack of hair (about $4.20). And for doing the hair, she wouldn’t give me a price. She said, “How much do you want to pay?”. I had no idea how to answer that. I just knew I wasn’t paying more than $100. She said, “5500 KS?”. Me- “Ummm Yessss!”. They always say to bargain with them at the markets, but I didn’t even feel the need to bargain down. For the length I wanted in the states, it would’ve cost me between $400-600 at a salon AND I would have to sit in the chair for 8 + hours. That always deterred me but Chao was right on the money!!


I hopped in the chair—damn near cried (because I am uber tenderheaded) and 3 ladies got to work on my hair and were done in about 4 hours. I was so surprised they did it so quickly. They work fast and they do a great job!


The tugging and stuff definitely hurt because you have 3 people tugging you different ways. But I got through it. That night, I definitely needed some aspirin. After I woke up, I felt wayyy better.

I guess I am keeping these in through my birthday! I can’t wait until my hair grows out a little so I can play with them and move them around more. Right now, not happening lol. Just one look- straight down.

IMG_9668 IMG_9672 IMG_9990

Overall I am very pleased with the look and it is exactly what I wanted. First day in Nairobi was good, fun experience. Have a funny story about a proposal from a Masaai man after I got my hair done. Will share that in my recap.

Have you thought about faux locs?