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#LegendaryStyle AMLA Legend Recap

#LegendaryStyle AMLA Legend Recap

This past Saturday I headed down to Midtown Atlanta for a press preview of the Optimum Care’s AMLA Legend event featuring hosts Tracee Ellis Ross, celebrity hair stylist Johnny Wright and their ambassador Felicia from

We got to have an intimate conversation with Tracee Ellis Ross and Johnny Write  while they gave us all the deets on AMLA Legend’s new styling products. I have tried out AMLA Legend before but thought it was more geared toward the relaxer audience so I hadn’t tried everything.


They had me super excited about the Billion Hair Potion (found here) that is the only thing like it on the market. They pride themselves in having salon quality products that are affordable and Tracee Ellis Ross uses the products on her hair herself and doesn’t rely on a stylist to do her hair.

Tracee Ellis-Ross and Johnny Wright were both hilarious!! While dropping great tips, they were able to get tons of laughs from the audience.  They had 3 hair models that used the products. Their hair was definitely soft and bouncy!

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Here are the new products from AMLA Legend:

  • Enchanted Finish Hold + Polish Spray  (found here)- Johnny Wright mentions you can use this far away for a polish spray or closer for a hold. Either way, its a soft hold that doesn’t make the hair hard or flakey.
  • Lustrous Body Blow Dry Mousse (found here) – Johnny Wright says this is great to use prior to blowing out the hair for shiny/bouncy results.
  • Treasured Temple Edge Tamer (found here)- Tracee Ellis Ross uses this for her buns on Day 2 of a wash & go style. She says this makes her bun look freshly done while smoothing down her edges.
  • Miraculous Black Oil Dull Defying Haircolor (found here) – This is a demi-permanent color available in 3 shades right now. It lasts 28 weeks and is great to cover grays.

I am super excited to try to Billion Hair Potion, The Rejuvenating Oil & the new 3 stylers! I am getting extensions next week so I will make sure to do a great oil treatment to my hair using their products prior to my install.

All of my favorite blogger beauties were there 🙂



I was kinda bummed because I wasn’t able to get a pic with Tracee Ellis Ross when the other bloggers did earlier in the event. I had a good feeling though and waited around a little bit and I walked outside to take a pic for a photographer and she asks me “Do you want to be my first interview?” Of couurrrsseee! She interviewed me for her website on video. Let’s hope I make the cut lol. Afterwards I snuck in asking for a selfie even though I really felt bad that she was hounded all day for pics lol but I figured the worst she can say is ‘No’. She said YES and I got my pics!!!
photoI had an amazing time at the event and so glad they made a stop in ATL.

Thanks Optimum Care for having me!!