Learning the texture of your hair

Okay…I see all the time that people are confused or don’t understand why their hair texture “changes”.  Since I see this alot, it must mean alot of people don’t really know about textures.

1. You cannot tell what your hair is going to look like fully natural when you have one inch of new growth (or even 3 inches)- Why? Because your relaxed ends are weighing down the hair so it may appear 3a but when you cut it off it may be 3c, 4a. I see alot of people disappointed because they thought their hair was going to be a certain way. Remember, if you want to really see your texture, you must cut off the relaxed ends.

2. Alot of people ask how to loosen texture. Well you can go the chemical route- texturizer, but then whats the point. Remember when getting a texturizer, it works like a relaxer. You still have to get it redone every 6-8 weeks to avoid kinky roots with your new texture. Too much work!

3. Don’t be discouraged if your hair isn’t what you thought it was going to be. There are PLENTY of ladies on YouTube who can help you out. There are ladies of EVERY texture. Check them out for encourage on how to work with your hair texture- whatever hair texture you are, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b – They are tutorials and product reviews from you.