My Lash Extensions By The Lashing

My Lash Extensions By The Lashing

A couple of weeks ago I ran into Pam, the owner of Koils By Nature! She had the most fabulous lashes and they looked sooo natural. I couldn’t see any glue at the base, no strip lash, just all natural looking. She told me they were lash extensions from The Lashing in Douglasville done by Dava.

I HAD to make an appointment. I called the next week and set up an appointment. I wasn’t exactly sure what lash extensions were but I knew I had to have them.

Upon arriving, Dava took me to a private room and explained everything about the semi-permanent lash extensions and asked me if I wanted to them dramatic or more natural looking. I decided I wanted a more natural look. The process was an hour long or her adding individual lashes to my lashes. So instead of adding additional lashes at the base, these are actually lash extensions that start at the base and are added to your real lash.

As soon as I sat up and saw my lashes, I was in awe!!! I absolutely loved them!! I go back in 3 weeks for a touch up. In the meantime, I can still wash my face and everything and wear makeup. These lashes actually don’t come off until your natural lashes shed (unless you want them off). So they are truly long as your lashes are there, they will stay. If your lash sheds, then the extension goes with it.



To top it off, I really don’t feel like I need any eyeliner or mascara with these. It brightens up my face without anything. Check out below- I have nothing on my face at all but for some reason with the lashes, it really pops and looks like I have on liner and mascara.



If you live in the Atlanta, check out Dava at in Douglasville. She is amazing!! (We had a great convo too!!)