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Lady FootLocker & Under Armour TRAINING C.A.M.P. Recap

Lady FootLocker & Under Armour TRAINING C.A.M.P. Recap

This past Friday I was invited by Lady Footlocker to head out to The W hotel in Atlanta for a Media preview of TRAINING C.A.M.P. with Under Armour. I have known about Under Armour for yeeaarrsss because my dad is a super huge fan and has tons and tons of UA gear. I really honestly didn’t even know they had women’s workout gear until this weekend.

I learned so much! Well first off, they gifted us a cool outfit- shoes, socks, tank, top, pants and some ladies got sports bras too (They don’t have G cups :sigh: lol)


That’s me lacing up my shoes!!

We changed into our new gear and checked out their latest commercial that I have seen several times on TV. Check it out:

After that, we got a chance to meet one of the #WhatsBeautiful winners. is an online forum where ladies who have a work out goal in mind (like completing a triathlon), they do weekly check ins and there is an online community to keep you excited and to cheer you on as you reach your goals. They selected 4 winners and Amber came to talk to us about her journey.

Oh, and let’s not forget the trainer who was a beast!! I couldn’t even keep up!! lol …But I am out of shape so I didn’t expect to lol.

Check us out in our UA gear:

SMH. I definitely need to work out and get that muffin top together lol! I’m not worried about my weight, but I definitely need hella inches off of my waist. I think this program just gave me the inspiration I need to join!!! I think I will sign up for What’s Beautiful!!

Thanks Lady Footlocker and Under Armour for having me!!

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