Lacefront Wigs- Getting The Hang Of It

Lacefront Wigs- Getting The Hang Of It

Okay! These lacefront wigs are something! I love seeing how people blend them to look so natural. Learning how to rock them right definitely takes alot of Youtube research and patience. Yes, they come amazing out the package but learning how to lay them right is an art.

Remember the hair from Texture Crush I previewed a couple of weeks ago? Here

IMG_9129I finally dyed the hair. I knew the texture might loosen up some since it’s human hair and it acts just like our own hair- color loosens texture. I got it to a pretty medium brown color. One thing I forgot to do was to not color the roots. Since my natural roots are in and they are very dark brown, I wanted it to look as natural as possible so I should’ve kept the roots dark on the wig. :/ A learning lesson.

After co-washing and drying the wig, I didn’t get any shedding which is great. I remember back in the day when I would wear extensions and it would just be long pieces of hair EVERYWHERE. Well this lacefront wig hasn’t had any shedding.

Before heading to Vegas before the New Year, I decided to do a twist out with flexirods on the end. I wanted big curls so I was excited to see how it would turn out. I loved the results!! I also love that you can really throw on a lacefront when your hair isn’t done. I have tried U-Part wigs before, but you still have to style your real hair to blend. With lacefronts, you just need to have a flat surface with cornrows.


I loved the big twist out on this hair.I wanted it bigger but since it was freezing cold in Vegas and no humidity, that didn’t work out lol.

When I got back to Atlanta I wanted to see what the texture looked like naturally after dying the hair. Here is goes!

DSC07095 DSC07096 DSC07106 DSC07100

Okay so on the part, that was hard for me. So you are supposed to part your hair underneath where you will have your part on the wig. Then you lay the wig flat and line it up. From there, you can put concealer or some type of powder in your complexion and put it directly on the line of the part to make it seamless so it looks like its’s growing out of your head. I used some matte caramel colored eyeshadow on a angled brush and drew the line. I definitely did a better job this time with the part than earlier when I tried. Here is a video I found that helped me figure out how to lay the wig right and have it looking as natural as possible:

I am excited to play around with this wig more and do different styles. I am ready to take out my wand curlers so I can do some pretty wand curls on this hair. I would straighten it, but I am always afraid of heat damage. We will see. Look out for a video coming up soon.