LA Trip, My TV Appearance, + Hair of The Week

LA Trip, My TV Appearance, + Hair of The Week

I was soooo nervous about Wheel of Fortune and since they had no hair person, I had to make sure my hair was on point…and HD worthy! Sooo last week was sooo exhausting for me. I was rushing and scrambling trying to figure out what I was going to wear on the show that I didn’t have time to do my hair 🙁 . The original plan was to do a twist out…but I didn’t have the time the evening before I left. Then I thought, Maybe I can do it in the morning and flat twist– go to work and then head on the plane. Ummm…that didn’t work either. I just figured, Well, Wash & Go that morning it is.  Mind you, I had to be on the shuttle to Sony Studios at 7:15 am…

I work up at 5:30am (Pacific time so not too bad) and washed my hair. I decided I wanted alot of definition so I wanted to use a curling rod…except I don’t actually own a curling wand…but I do have a regular curling iron that is very small. I put product on my hair and blew it out with the blow dryer that the hotel had. I dried it for about 20 minutes making sure it wasn’t damp.

I then took the perimeter of my hair and took very small sections and wrapped it around the barrel of the iron like you would a curling wand. So instead of using the clamp, I just wrapped it around. I took all the visible pieces. I knew I would only be seen from the front so I didn’t worry about getting every single piece or section…just enough to frame my face and the top portion. I also didn’t want it to be too perfect so I was very sporadic when I did it.

Well, here it is —Here is me as I was still curling:

(These are at the END of the day 13 hours after I curled it so don’t mind my oily face and frizz)

My friends and alot of people in the audience said my hair looked GREAT on the cameras so we shall see! lol February 27th check out my episode!!!


My mother and my two friends Terry and Saundra came to support me on the show. Here is Terry and I:

Saundra took me to The Grove Friday night to see all the beautiful decorations and I met her amazing friends Genevieve, Maria, & Alexander. Had a great evening!

I had great food all weekend 🙂

And I went SHOPPING!!! I went to Ventura in the valley and just hit up shop after shop. My goal was to go to consignment stores so I went to Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co., and Wasteland. All three were great and I got some goodies from Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads.

But the best purchase was these Jeffrey Campbell Litas I wanted forever with the spikes. I have the original standard ones (with the brown heel) that I never wear. I am actually going to sell them. I have only worn them for like 4 hours total. But the ones with the spikes I wanted really bad. (I hope I actually wear these). So they are normally $195… at Urban Outffiters they were on sale for $99.99 with an additional 50% off!!!!! I got them for $49.95. A STEAL!!! (I wish the ATL UO’s had deals like this)

I had a great weekend!!!! It was chilly the whole time and rainy but of course as soon as I get to the airport the sun comes out:

Thanks LA for a great time! Special thank you to Saundra Q for letting me stay with her and showing me around town, Terry for supporting me at the show, T. Jones for amazing laughs and breakfast, and of course my Mom for joining me in LA to go with me to Wheel.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for February 27th!!!