Kyria’s Transition Story

Lexi: Thank you so much to Kyria for sending her natural hair story in.

Kyria: My hair journey began when i started taking care of my hair all by myself at 11years old. Back then i had relaxed shoulder length hair that was somewhat easy to manage but deep down i’ve always had genuine love for big and beautiful natural hair. At 12 years old I had a MAJOR relaxer mishap! Due TO MY ignorance, I put a texturiser on top of my already relaxed hair which left me bald at the back with a couple of inches at the crown. I was in tears for days and days but as time went by I forgot about it and thankfully my hair grew back nice and natural. All was well until 2 years later, I got sooo frustrated with my edges not laying down and my not acting like I wanted it that I texturised my natural hair.

Boy was I soo ashamed and disappointed in myself. My hair was now limp, dull, all different textures and a HAM!!! Barely a few weeks later I practically shaved the back portion from ear down and braided the rest over it to cover as I was soo scared of what other people would say!!! On the first of April 2007 I completely BC and have never looked back since. I am now 3 years natural and enjoying my hair journey like never before!!!


Lexi- WOW!! Look at that length in 3 years


Lexi- Amazing hair AND a great story. Everyone has their hair mishaps and they aren’t the only ones. She got through her mishap and look at her hair now!! Simply AMAZING! Thanks Kyria