Kim Kardashian Trying Out Hairfinity Now!?

In September I posted that Hairfinity named their new brand ambassador Keshia Knight Pulliam (found here). I was chatting with Jessica from and she told me they were working with Kim Kardashian now. I had to research the deets! This is definitely a jump from Keshia and a HUGE move for the brand. Was wondering when a hair brand would jump on board with the Kardashian brand.

Kim is known to stay with extensions in her hair, but she also appears to have healthy hair even though I have seen some pictures where her edges appear to be thin though – that could be from extensions, pregnancy, etc… She is now using Hairfinity to see how it grows her hair.

kim kardashian hairfinity

kim kardashian hairfinity instagram no weave

I am interested in seeing how Kim’s hair grows using the product.  I think she looks amazing with no extensions too. Perhaps we will be able to see the growth. I’m sure she will be tracking it over time so we can see.

Check out more details at . It’s $24 a bottle and the more bottles you get, the bigger discount you get.

Would you buy vitamins to help your hair grow? I’ve been thinking about trying them for some time now.

Edited to add: Just watched one of Taren916 video on her trying it out for the next 3 months and she is offering discount codes:
Save 10% use promotional code: HFchallenge10 when placing order
Save 15% for a 6 months supply use promotional code: HFchallenge15


curly comments!

  • I’m cracking up at this title. I’m curious to see how her hair grows out with it. And can’t wait to see Taren’s growth. I’m currently taking Viviscal and noticing growth but everyone keeps talking about Hairfinity. I may give it a try to prep for a big summer ‘fro. We shall see.

  • modadossier

    Hairfinity is definitely worth it. I first started using it in 2011 off and on before it was as popular as it is now but then in 2012 when my long hair started breaking and was no longer past my shoulders ( I wasn’t taken care of it as I should have been) I started using it and noticed a major difference. But I think also your eating habits and the way you take care of your hair are also important in making it most effective. I stopped using as much heat on my hair, added coconut oil to my hair regime, changed my diet a bit (ate more fish) and noticed a change. I noticed the most change after only 8 months — stronger, healthier & sleek. I’m still using it daily.

  • Stacey

    I tried essential oils from Basilica Botanica and I love them! I’m an avid user but once I found these oils I have not swictched brands ever since. Do yourself a favor and try them. You can find them on Amazon and they qualify for amazon prime, whoo hoo!