Keracare Review- Twist & Define Cream

I finally got a chance to review Keracare’s new line for naturals. I am definitely impressed with the line. I used the Twist & Define Cream. The product states:

Twist & Define Cream
For Silky Shiny Twists & Twist-Outs
Allows you to maximize your twist ability with ease!

  • Allows smooth, shiny, soft twists and twist-outs.
  • Thoroughly moisturizes hair.
  • Non-flaking

(Also may be used for shingling.)

I did medium sized twists on wet hair.  I didn’t use ALOT of product but enough to coat the hair. Like I usually do, I spread the product throughout  my hair and then when I section my hair, I add a little bit more in case I missed some spots before I actually twist.

Here it is after it dried. I had the twist in for about 3 days. (I had nowhere to go lol)

I didn’t separate it alot like I normally would have. I love the definition though and the shine.

I am very, VERY happy with the Twist & Define Cream. I can’t wait to keep using it. I will retwist tonight to keep the curls fresh for New Years Eve probably adding just a little bit to add moisture .

My hair felt soft, it had a nice shine to it. It did not flake overtime like promised (I see that happens with alot of products). I loved, LOVED the definition of my curls.

UPDATE: This style has lasted me 5 days so far.


curly comments!

  • Very pretty. I definitely want to try this stuff, but I haven’t seen it anywhere. I’m not willing to pay shipping, not living in Atlanta! LOL. I’m used to getting everything on the ground. So, speaking of which, where did you get it?

  • Val Ford

    That really looks good. I am on a quest for great products for natural hair. I am going to have to give the twist cream a try. Question, is it real watery or runny?


  • Tina

    Very very cute…I will try ASAP….thanks for sharing

  • Bacalove

    Love the twist cream. Will also be trying their As I Am line natural products, which are a little less expensive, but of the same great quality. I know the As I Am line has ingriedients to aid in hair loss and DHt sufferers, like myself. Avlon is a great company for n aturals.