Keracare Review- Twist & Define Cream

I finally got a chance to review Keracare’s new line for naturals. I am definitely impressed with the line. I used the Twist & Define Cream. The product states:

Twist & Define Cream
For Silky Shiny Twists & Twist-Outs
Allows you to maximize your twist ability with ease!

  • Allows smooth, shiny, soft twists and twist-outs.
  • Thoroughly moisturizes hair.
  • Non-flaking

(Also may be used for shingling.)

I did medium sized twists on wet hair.  I didn’t use ALOT of product but enough to coat the hair. Like I usually do, I spread the product throughout  my hair and then when I section my hair, I add a little bit more in case I missed some spots before I actually twist.

Here it is after it dried. I had the twist in for about 3 days. (I had nowhere to go lol)

I didn’t separate it alot like I normally would have. I love the definition though and the shine.

I am very, VERY happy with the Twist & Define Cream. I can’t wait to keep using it. I will retwist tonight to keep the curls fresh for New Years Eve probably adding just a little bit to add moisture .

My hair felt soft, it had a nice shine to it. It did not flake overtime like promised (I see that happens with alot of products). I loved, LOVED the definition of my curls.

UPDATE: This style has lasted me 5 days so far.