Kelis Rocks Big Curly Hair At Pre-Grammy’s Party

Kelis is always a hair icon to me. She was the first singer to me who had big fabulous curly hair with cool colors (remember the pink and blue). She is always not afraid to do something different and fun!

Loving the added hair in and the blonde streak is cool for her!



The extensions match her hair texture perfectly! I am totally cool with adding extensions in. If you want to add extensions, go the easy route and get a texture that matches your hair texture so you don’t have to do so much work. Why get a weave to do as much work or even more work than with your regular hair? The point of myself getting a weave is to give my real hair a break (I know that is not everyone’s reason)…so I definitely don’t want to have to work too hard!


Are you feeling Kelis’ hair?