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Keeping Your Blonde Hair Healthy With @Olaplex

Keeping Your Blonde Hair Healthy With @Olaplex

I’ve definitely been hyping up Olaplex for years. When I first started going extremely blonde, I was introduced to it through my colorist at the time.

What is Olaplex?

This line reduces hair breakage and rebuilds bonds. There are treatments that are only available in salons and they have a three step system that you can use at home!

Now, I never get my hair colored without an Olaplex treatment because I want to prevent damage immediately!

I was already a user of Step 3 at the home (in addition to the salon treatments during service).

Step 3: Hair Protector

Step 4: Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Step 5: Bond Maintenance Conditioner

When I say it’s the truth… it really is amazing. As light as my hair is, my hair still curls up. Back in the day, when I would go not even half way as light as I am now, my curls would be super limp.

Since I’ve been using Olaplex, my hair still curls up, isn’t limp and I can still get volume with a fro!!

This proves that you can go blonde and keep your hair intact. In the past 3-4 years I have not gotten my hair lightened without Olaplex. Every stylist I go to uses it. In fact, I won’t go to a colorist that doesn’t use it. I’ve seen Olaplex magic.

I’ll be continuing to use this set. Trust me- get the system if you have blonde curly hair. It’s worth it!