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Keeping Blondes Blonde With Tonal Balance’s ANTI-BRASS

Keeping Blondes Blonde With Tonal Balance’s ANTI-BRASS

Being a blonde is more fun, but it’s not easy. When people ask me about going blonde, I tell them the complete truth– it’s harsh on your hair and your curl pattern will change.

My biggest pet peeve with going blonde however, is the brassiness— you know, that orangey brass tone that’s so hard to get out. While your hair may be platinum blonde at first, over time, the color probably will get brassy with each wash. If you’ve ever been blonde, then your stylist has probably told you about purple shampoo.

It’s really simple, if you have platinum hair, the purple products are supposed to counteract and take the brass out of your hair versus having to tone your hair again.

Recently I found out about a new brand Tonal Balance’s ANTI-BRASS. They sent me over their Purple Shampoo & Shine Treatment specifically made for my hair color and tone so I had to try it out.

See below in the front and center, you see the tone is a little brassy and yellowish. I want to tone that down to have the full platinum effect!

Purple shampoo is actually deep purple, but when you put it in your hair and lather it, it’s not as intense.

Sidenote: Leave purple shampoos or conditioners in as long as it says on the product. I’ve used another product before and left it in too long and my hair was lavender for a week :/

My hair color was restored and the brassiness at the root was gone!

They recommend using these products 1-3 times a week. I will continue to add this to my regimen.

Thanks Tonal Balance!