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Keeping Blonde Hair Blonde & Damage Free

Keeping Blonde Hair Blonde & Damage Free


Blonde hair is a beast to deal with. I absolutely LOVE blonde hair. I pretty much have had some variations of blonde since high school when I would get a couple of highlights to currently with my uber-light blonde. Since I have cut my hair, these are the lightest blondes I have gone. I was always nervous to do the super light blondes but I got over it…mainly because my hair is short. People are always amazed that I still have curls and my hair feels soft even after using bleach.


Here is how I keep my hair moisturized and keep my color brass-free and vibrant.



Spend the extra money on Olaplex when you go to a salon (if they have it). This protects your hair from damage. If you are protecting your hair during the coloring process, this will prevent future damage. In addition to this, purchase the products for after the color. The maintenance products help you continue to keep your hair damage free as much as possible. Olaplex strengthens your hair.

Shimmer Lights


Clairol Shimmer Lights is a purple shampoo and conditioner that helps you maintain your hair’s tone. This helps keep your hair from getting brassy. Toner doesn’t last forever and it fades so you need something to refresh it. This helps keep the toner from fading as fast. The shampoo and conditioner are purple so that it can help counteract with what would become brassy to keep the ash tones if you have an ash-toned blonde. (Sally’s has a generic version that I have gotten as well available here)



Condition, Condition, Condition


Condition you hair ALOT. I do alot of co-washes and most of the time when I am washing my hair, I use a co-wash like the CANTU Complete Conditioning Co-Wash. This co-wash is super creamy and gives me a great foundation for getting my hair clean.During this process I can also detangle it. Starting off with a co-wash and then following up with a deep conditioner is a great way to keep your hair fresh.






For Deep Conditioners, I have been using the Quench Absolute Restoration Mask for over a year now. It’s my go-to and what I grab mostly in my shower when conditioning my curls.This adds moisture to my hair and curly hair with bleach needs a ton of moisture to maintain the feel and look. ¬†I use a denman brush and further make my curls smooth in the shower.

These are what help me maintain my color and potential damage from bleach in my hair. Do you have any go-tos?