Join Me On Facebook Live with @Brayola As We Talk Bra Shopping

I talk a lot about shopping for DD+ bras because it used to be a huge struggle for me. I used to go to bra stores in the mall and they would measure me as the largest size they offered in their store, I would buy, and then I would spill out :/

Once I got older I decided to go to a higher end store and get fitted properly and knew I was NOT a DDD but rather a G or H cup.

Since finding the proper size, life has been great. I love finding online stores that offer my size AND cute! You can definitely find sexy bras in larger sizes. They don’t have to be full coverage, plain bras.

This leads to me to Brayola! They have a large selection of DD+ bras!!!! From sports bras to sexy semi bras to whatever you want, they have it. They make it easy to help you shop too. Join me at 2pm Friday Dec 1st on Facebook Live as we talk Bra shopping with Brayola! You don’t want to miss it! Don’t be stuck with bras that don’t fit.


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