Job Interview style- Curly or Straight?

When you have a job interview, how do you wear your hair? You hear alot of people say to not wear your hair in its natural state. Some people don’t care and feel like people should accept them how they are. We all know, we can not care as much as we want, but unfortunately, it could decide whether we get a job or not. Look at Six Flags and American Apparel..Six Flags has it in their rules that state you can’t wear locs…American Apparel- its been said they prefer curl heads over straight or relaxed heads. At the end of the day, I do believe that it could make or break a job interview. They could be in love with it, or think it is unruly. How do you do your hair when you go for an interview? Does it depend on the type of job you are going for?

When I was in school, I took a Leadership class at Morehouse and they taught us basically to step into your career the way they want you to be….and as you move on up the ladder, you can change more into how you ARE. I agree with that, especially in the corporate world. Yes, it sucks!…but sometimes you have to play the game- the hair, the walk, the talk.

Do you think in 2010 that we are at the point where it doesn’t matter to wear your hair curly or straight? Have you experienced discrimination because of your hair? I just wanted some other’s opinions.

ETA (Edited to Add) Sidenote: I met a Professor at Clark Atlanta University and she told me about a student who had natural hair. She went into the Career Fair on campus with her hair in her natural state. No one wanted to talk to her and barely read her resume. She came back the next day with her hair straightened and got a totally different response. That is so sad. Its like that though…I’m happy that not everyone has that experience or has to worry about their hair but it definitely is still an issue in 2010


curly comments!

  • Stephanie

    I don’t think that natural hair is a problem in the work place. I believe that if a candidate needs professionalism in order to get a job. That includes dressing and styling their hair professionally. I don’t think we should have to change for a job and if we do should we really work there?

  • I work in very conservative high-level state government office and they could careless about my hair. When I interviewed for the job, I had a TWA and wasn’t much I could do with that! LOL I was dressed to the nines in a CK pantsuit. I walked in there like I owned the job and I am sure that confidence and my impressive experience are what got me the job.

  • JIN

    I asked myself this question when I went on an interview last week. Like L.Michelle, I mainly focused on my attire – I wore simple makeup and slicked my hair back. I had my curls but it wasn’t as out there as I normally wear it – just in case. I was very nervous about my hair!!!

  • i interviewed for 2 jobs since going natural and got them both so hasn’t been a problem 🙂 One is at an ad agency and another is a marketing/communications job for a cosmetic company. appearance matters with cosmetics company and I got in so that tells you it must have looked good, lol

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    I definitely think anything in the beauty or creative type of industries like Advertising or Entertainment definitely are moreso okay with it. I am happy to see that it hasn’t affected them but it definitely affects ALOT of people, especially the more corporate jobs like Price Waterhouse Coopers or other major corporate type of jobs.

  • I bun for interviews

  • I would do it based on the TYPE of job I was interviewing for, Straight or tucked away in and updo or bun for corprate. Wild and exotic for the entertainment industry and a well maintained look for any other jobs! Great Topic!

  • Curly only. I wear my hair curly 99.9% of the time anyways..why lie? If my hair is more important than my job skills, then I need to look elsewhere for work. P.S. I am a paralegal now, but have worked in varied job environments from non-profit to corporate, and I’ve never straightened my hair for an interview before and never will.

  • Takeysha

    I interviewed for my job and worked there for 3 yrs rocking straight hair…however now im more comfortable about who I am and i wear a BIG curly fro everday…I work in sales so the atmosphere is a little more laidback, but some people cant be still sitff

  • I think it depends on what type of environment that job is for. I work in the corporate arena but for a very small business. When I started I had straight hair and then decided to go natural while working for the business. When I went natural, a lot of people complimented my hair and my bravery, lol. So I think there will always be exceptions.

  • Michelle

    I work in a corporate multi-cultural organization in IT Management. I wear a curly TWA and don’t have any issues. If I look for a job, I would focus more on being “groomed”, having my resume up to snuff, and knowing how to answer the questions.

    You know…I have a difficult time reconciling this. It. is. my. hair! I recently went to a recruiting/professional development seminar where we were told that we had to be less conservative because it isn’t uncommon to encounter Gen Y’ers have piercings, visible tattoos, etc.

    Hopefully with the latest “surge” with sisters with natural hair, we can change all of the perceptions about what is and what ain’t “professional”.

  • Jenny

    Natural state but styled. Whether it’s a bun, pony tail, braid out, twist out, etc.

  • CocoEuro

    I just went on an interview Friday and I wore my natural texture back into a bun

  • Clarrisa

    I’ve been transitioning now for 11 months and I would just make sure my hair is neat. I work at a college and some of my days can be rough lol. My coworkers actually love my curly styles versus me wearing my hair straight. I’m definitely going into my next interview with curly hair.

  • Suqiit

    I’m chiming in a little late here… I’ve been in corporate for years and lets just be honest, natural hair is not always excepted, sad but true. I say if you don’t want to straighten in, bun it for the interview, and maybe the first week or two. If you insist on wearing it curly, then maybe try a bantu knot out, and pull some of it back. Just my two cents. People feel more comfortable around people that look more like them (not my opinion, this is an actual fact).