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Job Interview Hair -Monster’s New App+ Giveaway

This always ends up being a topic of discussion about how to wear your hair for job interviews…

No matter whether you have naturally curly hair, relaxed/straight hair, or extensions, you should really rock your hair towards the job you are going after. You know the saying, “Don’t dress like the job you have, dress like the one you want” (did I say that right? lol), well do the same thing with your hair.

If you are going for a cool, creative job in let’s say Advertising or Television, you could probably do your hair big and curly. If you are seeking a job at a very conservative place, maybe a bun or french roll will work for you.

I know alot of people say they don’t want to change their hair or style for a job, but honestly, it’s just something that you do. Everyone has to do something at their job to “fit in”…that doesn’t mean to go and get your hair straightened if you have curly hair…it just means working your hair with the type of job you have. If the job you want has mostly people with hair off their face and pulled back, then maybe you can adapt to that look-but still show off your personal style.

It’s all about staying true to your style, yet making adaptations of your style that works with the job you are seeking.

Which leads me to this cool new app for Facebook… has a new program called BeKnown. BeKnown is really cool because it connects with you on Facebook–but with having a clear line between your personal Facebook life and your networking/business side. (Sidenote: You do know potential employers check your Facebook, right? lol Make sure you have your life together on there)

What attracts me to this app? This system is way more detailed than other sites I have used. I love the fact that people can endorse you and certain skills which basically means they can vouch for you. We all know that jobs are not about “who you know” but more about “who knows you”. It’s all about connecting with others and having people that can back you up when you tell someone you would be a great asset to someone’s company. Plus the app recommends jobs for you and shows jobs in your network.

If you have an iPhone, you can get the app too iPhone app

Check out the guided tour in case you get lost

To check out BeKnown go HERE and you can get started on your job search 🙂

Also, they gave me a business card case and a cute makeup  palette to give away to one winner! Comment and let me know your fav hair style for interviews! Ends 12/27.

*Disclosure: this Blog Entry is part of a blogger contest sponsored by Monster and I have received prize packs for distribution  as well as other materials from Monster Worldwide.