My Jamaica Vacation Hair With Soft & Beautiful

My Jamaica Vacation Hair With Soft & Beautiful

vintagestyle Wow! This weekend was so much fun. I headed to Jamaica with Strength of Nature (African Pride, Beautiful Textures, ElastaQP, & More…) and other bloggers and journalists. It was an amazing group of women! (More on the trip later on this week)

I didn’t have to bring any products with me because I knew it would be a ton of great products for me to use while I was down there. I was excited to learn more about the launch of their newest (refreshed) brand, Soft & Beautiful. You may remember Soft & Beautiful. Strength of Nature took over the line and revamped it and made some additions!

“Soft & Beautiful Botanicals is a fresh solution suited to the styling needs of all hair types and textures, featuring a Ultra Nourishing Complex™. This consists of: shea butter & coconut oil to continually moisturize; Argan Oil for exotic shine; Aloe Vera for added protection and Olive Oil & Vitamin E to help repair and strengthen. Consumers will have a full line of products to choose from, all with renewed formulas. These include Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Lotion, Leave-in Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Repair Masque, Crème Moisturizer and Shea Butter Edges for moisturizing edge control.”

I knew I was in good hands. I got all the scoop about the renewed brand.  I used the Moisturizing Shampoo, the Deep Conditioning Masque, the Leave-In Conditioner and their Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment with Coconut Oil. (For now you can pick them up in SALLY Beauty Supply & local beauty supply stores all for under $10)

I decided to do a cute updo Saturday night and since I came from swimming in a river, I didn’t feel the need to rewash my hair like I would have if I was in the ocean. I put some  of the leave-in conditioner in my hand and added some drops of the oil (That’s my method for adding products) and put it all in together using it to coat my hair and smooth my edges.

After that, my hair felt moisturized and it was shiny. All I needed from there was a banana clip, a hair comb and one bobby pin.

  1. I parted my hair and left out a front middle section.
  2. The rest of the hair I smooth to the back with my hands (I forgot my brush) and I secured it with my banana clip.
  3. I took the front section and did one big chunky twist and flipped it over to create a pompadour. I secured with a hair comb.
  4. I took the hair from the banana clip and rolled it taut from the bottom up. I then tucked it under the pompadour and used a bobby pin to secure

That was it. Just simple steps and only took 5 minutes.

FullSizeRender (1)


I loved the quick look and it added glam to my black bathing suit.