I’ve Got The Glow With Suave® Beauty – Week 3

I’ve Got The Glow With Suave® Beauty – Week 3

Using self-tanners is an amazing thing! It’s much safer than sunbathing, much more affordable than spray tans and a quick and easy way to get your glow on! Over the past couple of weeks, I have been chronicling my experience using Suave® Professionals Visible Glow™ Self-Tanning Body Lotion to even out my skin tone and get a spring-ready glow and I’d say I have achieved it! (In case you missed it, check out my Week 1 results here)

Now that it’s OFFICIALLY spring, the weather is nice and I can finally break out my cute, flirty dresses and show off my newly tanned legs in this fabulous, warm weather. Yay!



When I visited my boyfriend a week and a half ago, he immediately complimented me and said “Hey, it really does work!” Now I have my solution for pale legs in the winter & fall when my legs are a totally different color than the rest of my body. No more complaining to him about my paleness lol.

It provides even, streak-free coverage too! Check out the close-up!



I personally think the glow makes my legs look more toned too! Lol


And for those of you who were wondering—this moisturizer definitely works on brown skin! Here are 2 additional tips to make sure you get optimal results:

  • Make sure you purchase the right shade. If you have medium or a darker complexion, you can pick up Visible Glow in Medium to Tan. (They also offer Fair to Medium)
  • The tan will be gradual so make sure to apply it evenly, daily for a gorgeous, bronze pick-me-up!


What I love about the product so far:

  • It really worked! My skin has an even bronzed glow.
  • It’s Moisturizing! It actually keeps my skin hydrated all day.
  • It smells fantastic! It doesn’t have an overpowering scent of DHA like a lot of other self-tanners have. The fragrance is really light and pleasant, and doesn’t bother my allergies!

Look out for my finale recap next week as you see my 3 week results!

This post was created in connection with my role as an Influencer for Suave® Professionals Body Care. 

Visit the Visible Glow tab on the Suave Beauty Facebook page for a chance to win free Suave® Professionals Visible Glow™ Self-Tanning Body Lotion and test out your glow virtually by applying the Visible Glow photo filters to add a gorgeous tan to your photos.