It’s Time For Me To Stop Spending! Budgeting & Saving

It’s Time For Me To Stop Spending! Budgeting & Saving

I have a money spending problem. I buy stuff I don’t need. I have a closet full of items with tags on it. It’s just a bad problem I have :/ I am headed on vacation this week and thought ” I need another swimsuit top”….but I didn’t need one. Before I put in my password for Paypal, I stopped myself and began to realize–I do have a ton of swimwear.  I don’t NEED to buy anything.


Another issue- I have gained weight. None of my pants fit- unless its leggings or boyfriend jeans. When things don’t fit, my immediate thought is, “I better go get some stuff since nothing fits”…Nope, I need to go use my LA Fitness gym membership that I’ve been wasting money on for the past year. My priorities are all over the place.

I used “sales” as an excuse to spend money and the fact that I was saving money. I actually wasn’t saving money if I’m spending money- as my boyfriend would remind me everytime I talk about a SALE


Let’s not even get to eating out. I was eating out everyday at work. Each lunch is about $8 minimum but most of the time after tip it’s $13-20. That’s generally $75 a week on lunch….which is $300 a month and that doesn’t even include the weekends. Eating out has caused 2 problems (1) I am spending too much money on food that I could be saving or paying down my credit cards and (2) because I am eating out at unhealthy places, I am gaining weight and my clothes don’t fit which means I need something that fits. Either way…it’s money going out of my pocket. Food prep for me all day. The past 2 weeks I have been doing food prep.

Most people will mention that I travel alot, but my traveling actually costs less money than my eating out everyday lol…or my wasted monthly subscriptions.


^ So not true…lol…but I used to feel this way! I do believe in Retail Therapy. It makes me feel better on a sad day to buy something. It works..temporarily….

So I am proposing to stop spending money for a month on anything extra. I have cancelled most of my monthly subscription boxes and anything extra I am paying monthly for that I am not using. Here are my money saving goals:

  1. Cancel any subscription that I am not using or could do without. (Sorry Xfinity, I can’t part ways with you or lower my subscription Ughh!!)
  2. I used to have $100 a week automatically sent to my savings account. When life came at me in the form of a transmission problem with my car, and things breaking down, that savings went away pretty quickly.  I am going to go back to the automatic transfer from Checking to Savings
  3. If I am going to keep paying my LA Fitness gym membership, I am going to force myself to go at least 3 days a week- I have to get my money’s worth. My health is important to me so I need to get back on it. I just got in a slump.
  4. Since I do like to travel, but I don’t spend alot of travel, I need to set budgets for each trip and not go over that. So far for trips planned this year, only one was waayyy over my budget. I won’t be doing that again–but I will be more careful with my travel plans.
  5. When I get big checks in from projects, I will put half in savings and put the rest toward some of my credit card bills 🙂 I want to get my balances down on all of my cards.
  6. Stop eating out. I am going to limit myself to one lunch out with co-workers a week and keep it under $15. For the rest of the week, I have to be on my meal prep. That last couple of weeks I was able to get 5 days of lunch and dinner for about $19….waaayy better than ONE lunch being $19. That $19 worth of chicken and veggies for 5 lunches and  5 dinners costs literally ONE lunch out. That’s crazy when I finally thought about the breakdown.
  7. Just stop spending. I am going to stop ordering clothes online, or heading to the big sale at ____ store, I just need to stop! I am going to go on a 30 day shopping fast.
  8. I am selling my gently-used clothes that I barely wear or things in my closet with tags on them. Oh and let’s not forgetting designer shoes I purchase that I can barely walk in so I don’t even wear them. So all of that stuff has to go!! lol. I will be doing a closet sale with some fashion/beauty bloggers soon so come and buy it up!!! (btw, I am selling some items on – Follow my closet

Have any of you just stopped and realized that you just have to stop spending money?  I have to get my savings back up. Savings is great for a rainy day…or something cool down the line. Either way, I have to save!! 🙂 Any other tips and ideas you have that worked for you, let me know 🙂