It’s Time For A Hair Cut… Tapered Cuts

It’s Time For A Hair Cut… Tapered Cuts

After contemplating for about 4 months, I have finally decided to take the leap to cut my hair or Big Chop as some like to call it. My hair has been through alot in the the past couple of years and it shows. I would say my main reasoning behind my damage is definitely heat. From the numerous weaves throughout the year, my leave-out has endured alot of damage. (This is why I suggest kinky straight hair or kinky curly that matches your hair texture) The hair in my normal leave out area barely waves up which is a big difference from my curls throughout my head. My hair is just limp and lifeless. With it being directly in the front, it makes the whole appearance of my hair look bad. I can get it to look good, but overall the health is not there. I am definitely not holding on to length, but I think I just got lazy and it finally clicked that my hair definitely needs to go. 

I am a believer that my hair will grow back since my hair already grows fast, however, I think I want to keep it short for a little while. I want a change…something new.

So what kind of haircut did I decide on?


First and foremost, I want something that has versatility. I want a cut that looks amazing curly and something that I can wear straight from time to time … :sigh: I know I just spent the beginning of this post talking about me over-straightening. When I do decide to straighten, it won’t be at the frequency I was straightening when I wore my hair in weaves.

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel

More than just because of the damage, I need a change. You ever just want to cut all your hair off? Well, I have! And this is my time. I won’t be cutting it ALL off though. I want that cute curly fro look. I want to be able to still do twist outs, bantu knot outs, flexi rod sets, etc… I will still be doing reviews even though my hair will be shorter. From here, we will really see the growth.

I am excited for this new journey and my boyfriend tells me I’m gonna think I’m super hot! lol We shall see how I feel. I will admit that I did feel waayyy more confident when I had the bob weave which was one of my most fun looks!

Can’t wait to share the results. I get it cut on Wednesday. See you the ‘gram!! @LexiWithTheCurls