Its Official- I do have heat damage

I warned others and myself about the damaging marcel irons and improper use….Well my hair has officially been fried. Not everywhere Thank God. Just a small section on my left side. I posted a video about it. I’m not upset that I am going to have to cut that hair, I am moreso upset at myself for going through with someone using a marcel iron on my hair. The last time I had damage was probably 4 years ago. I had a small handful of hair that didn’t curl up anymore and just laid limp while the rest of my hair was shrunken up. To maintain it, I would use bobby pins to stick it inside my curly fro because it was 4 inches longer and stuck out like a sore thumb. I was always told that once the hair is burned that there is no turning back. I ended up cutting the hair to match my texture in its curly state because I barely wore it straight. This time, I am going to try PrettyDimples and Rustic Beauty’s tip of using stale beer. I will have to research what it is in the beer that potentially makes hair revert. Wish me luck!!