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Introducing Marie + Michelle, A Fragrance Created by @IamDaniCanada & I

Introducing Marie + Michelle, A Fragrance Created by @IamDaniCanada & I

Guess what? Dani and I created a fragrance in collaboration with L’Artisan Muse in Atlanta, GA

In the Spring, the wellness maison reached out to us and said they loved our relationship as they had been following our journey online. They asked if we would be interested in joining together to create a fragrance. We jumped at the opportunity!

Marie + Michelle is a spicy yet seductively elegant and approachable fragrance. Notes of red ginger, kadu blossom, oud and peppercorn make it perfect for your fall fragrance refresh.

The experience of creating a fragrance was so much fun. Dani and I have complete opposite tastes in fragrances. We were able to agree on the aromatic goodness of Marie + Michelle.

We came up with the name because these are our fake middle names for each other. Danielle Marie and Alexis Michelle – neither of our middle names are close to it.

We had a launch event this past Tuesday at the boutique, and it was so lovely to have our friends and family there.

If you live in Atlanta, stop by the store and check it out! If you don’t live here, just believe me when I say it smells amazing!