Introducing LimeLight Extensions

Introducing LimeLight Extensions


LimeLight Extensions

I am always looking at extensions because I am sometimes obsessed lol. If you have been following me over the years, you know that I love to change my hair up- whether that means straightening once every two months, or rocking my hair fro’d out or twists- I like to switch it up!

Limelight Extensions is a new brand out of Detroit. They specialize in high quality extensions from different origins- Cambodian, Malaysian, Peruvian and Russian (Yes! Russian! The new hot hair)  So practically any race can find hair that matches their texture. I wanted to try a different texture so I’m going to try out Cambodian from them!


My next extensions install will be the Cambodian Ocean Wave!! I can’t wait to try it out. Of course I will be posting throughout the process. I am used to getting extensions that are kinky curly that mimic my hair texture, but I wanted something different this time. Also, since it has  oddly been chilly recently in ATL (not burning up and not as bad humidity) I wanted to try a looser texture.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 2.45.03 PM

Pretty waves right??? I am going to have it dyed to match my hair of course. Can’t wait to show you how it looks!

I will be taking out my current extensions this week so I can give my hair at least a week break and deep treatments!!

I have been in a protective style kinda mood so I’m excited!!