Introducing Jade- From Locs to Big Chop

Jade is a Journalism student in the midwest. She is my nephew’s step sister and we immediately clicked when we met because we have similar aspirations for our careers. I of course immediately loved her locs. When we met she mentioned she may cut it all off for something different. She did end up doing it month’s later. Here is her story:

I initially had locks because I’ve wanted them since I was five years old and my mom let me get my hair locked around that age. I loved my hair, there was nothing wrong with the maintenance, it’s not as if I couldn’t handle it. I just decided last summer that it was time to try something new and different. I’m in college now, so that probably had something to do with it, but I know that I wanted something new for a long time.

I don’t regret doing the big chop at all (even though I do have moments when I would like to do a hair flip..but that’s neither here nor there) and I think every woman should try it. I think half of pulling it off is definitely confidence, but the other half of it is just simply wanting to do it. Since I’m in college, I am definitely on a tight budget and, luckily, this cut doesn’t require more maintenance than any other natural hair style would. I try to wash it at least once every other week and I moisturize it everyday because my hair is pretty dry and extra thick and I just go to the barbershop in town and get it cut.

I don’t want to sound too cliche, but the style is very liberating and interesting because I don’t feel the burden of always trying to check my hair and make sure it looks a certain way. Eventually, I’m going to try something new, heck I may even get a Beyonce weave or a relaxer of some sort, but, I’m just having too much fun with this now.

Jade’s Current Go-To Products I like using anything by Carol’s Daughter…I’m actually pretty basic and i also like using Smooth ‘n’ Shine Conditioning Gel..and because, my hair is shaved, I have to make sure to brush it everyday in order to train it to grow forward (hopefully, that makes sense…I’m not trying to make waves, but yea..)

The only difference really with my products is that they’re no longer specified for locks anymore, now they’re universal products that can be used for any natural style. I also notice that my hair is a lot more kinky than I actually thought it was, so I do want to try moisturizers from Miss Jessie’s, but we’ll see..

Lexi- I recently started thinking I want locs but I know how I am—I change my mind all of the time. You can go from loose natural, to loc’d to loose natural again. The beauty of ANY hair whether relaxed or natural is that it will grow back if you decide to do a different style later. I am loving Jade with the short cut, it really fits her face  (OMG this random girl went off on me that I met while doing a casting when I said she has the perfect face shape for her short cut. She didn’t understand and said it doesn’t matter what face shape you have-blah blah blah… know what I mean though…lol)  Thanks Jade!!