Introducing Franklin- A guy with the prettiest curls

So my homie Franklin, who I work with time to time on some BET productions, has the prettiest hair I have seen on a guy. He conceals it by wearing it pulled back everyday but as soon as he whips his hair out, beautiful ringlets bounce out. I would ask him everyday, “What did you put in your hair?”  Him-” Coconut Oil”   Me- “That’s it?”   Him- “Yep, thats it!”   …. So jealous,..just coconut oil!!??  Check out his curls:

FAVORITE PRODUCTS- Coconut oil, Leave in conditioner by Herbal Essence from Target, and Kim Kimble’s Bounce Back (also at Target), and Olive Oil.

DAILY ROUTINE- I wet my hair and then comb through it. Depending on the style I want, I use the product for that specific style. If I am wearing it out,  I use the leave in conditioner and the Bounce Back. If I am pulling it back, I use the coconut oil and the olive oil and brush it back.

GROWTH: I really don’t have a specific length that I am going for just until I get tired of it.. Or no longer feel like dealing with it.

EXTRA FACTS ABOUT HIS HAIR: My hair will get bigger and bigger the more you touch it, comb it or brush it..until you add water.