Interview with the owner of Darcy’s Botanical

I had the opportunity to interview Lysandra , the owner of Darcy’s Botanical. Please see below:

Lexi – Can you tell me about your background in hair?

My background in hair comes from many years of my own personal struggles in caring for me and my daughter’s hair:) Everything I learned comes from years of reading, researching & learning everything I could about natural hair care. Thanks to the many lovely ladies on forums like,, and who shared their regimens and tips for how to properly care for our hair. I had gathered so much information that I decided to share my wealth of knowledge by creating my own website for others who needed inspiration.

Once I was able to learn how to properly manage our hair, I then became very passionate about learning which ingredients were beneficial to the overall health of curly hair. This in turn led me to further research in mixing my own products with ingredients that were more natural or naturally derived. Mixing up my own hair creams and butters became a hobby for me. I realized it was my passion when I looked around the house one day and noticed that I was ordering ingredients in bulk and had enough containers, etc to literally open my own store. I had finally found something that I truly loved to do.

-How did Darcy’s Botanical come about, What was your inspiration?

My daughter (Darcy) and my sister were my inspiration. My sister had already been natural and was schooling me (so to speak) on how to take care of our hair. She also directed me to the online resources above for further inspiration.

After so many years of mixing, researching and creating my own recipes, I took the leap of faith and decided that this was my passion. I truly could not wait to get home to take notes, test and tweak my creations:) It took me (4) years of proper research & overcoming the fear of introducing my creations to the public. When my web designer was unable to complete my site by my target date, I decided to open up an Etsy shop until he was able to secure everything on my website.

This turned out to be one of the best things I could have done because it exposed me to a market of customers who had a real appreciation for handcrafted quality products. I signed up on Etsy in October 2008 and started selling officially in December of the same year. I got my first sale within that first week and have been continually growing ever since.

Can you tell me about your product line?

My product line is created using a minimum of 90% natural and/or naturally derived ingredients. The only unnatural things we use in our ingredients are preservatives & additives that are beneficial to healthy hair.

-What makes your products stand out from other lines?

I believe we stand out from others due to our high standards of customer service and the premium quality of ingredients that we use. We also try to be much more creative with our ingredients by using vegetable based oils and fruit oils that appeal to our customers senses as well as to the overall health of curly hair.

What is your most popular product?

Our most popular product is our Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme.

-Do you recommend different products for different hair types?

Yes, I do. Those of us with Type 3-4 hair need as much moisture as we can get. These types of coils can take the heavier butters and creams with no problem. I always recommend that our type 2s use lighter products so as not to weigh their hair down or make it too greasy.

-What products do you recommend for Frizzy hair?   Twist/braid outs, Wash and Go’s?

Although there are many factors that cause frizziness, most of the time the hair is in much need of moisture. I would therefore recommend our Peach Kernel Hydrating Milk. For twists & braid outs, I would recommend our Avocado & Honey Twisting Cream or our Natural Coils Curling Jelly along with a butter (Organic Shea Butter or Organic Palm & Cherry Kernel Butter) to help seal in moisture and add sheen. As for Wash N Go’s, I would recommend using our Natural Coils Curling Jelly along with our Organic Palm & Cherry Kernel Butter.

What is a good winter hair routine w/ your products?

During the winter, I would suggest customers use our Peach Kernel Milk in the Glycerin Free version and any of our butters to help seal in moisture.

Some people can use products with humectants (like glycerin) during the winter while others will have the opposite effect of drying out their hair depending on the environmental conditions where they live. I would recommend using the Glycerin Free Peach Kernel Milk as a moisturizing leave in and sealing ends with our Organic Shea Butter or Organic Palm & Cherry Kernel Butter. I would also recommend weekly deep conditioning with our Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner as well.

What is a good Spring/Summer routine w/your products?

A good summer time routine with our products would to utilize our Daily Leave-In Conditioner and our Coconut Hibiscus Oil on wet hair to help seal in moisture.

-What’s coming up for Darcy’s Botanical?

Thanks to the many lovely naturals and curlies online and in the blogosphere, we are currently implementing systems to keep up with our customer growth.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the best service experience possible. We will be releasing some new goodies this summer that customers have been requesting. We have a Cleansing Conditioner, a creamier leave-in, shampoo bars, and body oils coming soon.

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