International Spotlight: Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products

I got a chance to connect with the owner of Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products. She is based out of Amsterdam (was soooo trying to make it there on my trip to Europe- maybe next year!)

Alot of Westerners may think “There are Black people in Amsterdam?” Of course! Firstly, there are Black people all over the world and from what I hear, The Netherlands is one of the European countries with a large amount of Black or mixed people.

Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products includes several products for hair:

  • Mimosa Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Mimosa Cream
  • Mimosa Butter
  • Mimosa Balm

I got a chance to learn all about the owner and her brand:

Marilva Berrenstein followed through on her mission to produce natural and ecofriendly cosmetics for curly, coily hair and skin. As the Dutch owner and creative initiator behind Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products she started making her own concoctions in the kitchen after experiencing the negative side effects of atopic eczema in 2010. Also her transition from chemically treated hair to her natural coils have motivated the existence of her company.

In the beginning she experienced the great benefit that botanical oils and fats have on her dry and flaky skin. Sheabutter was one the “wonder oils” she used to combat her dryness. Soon enough she learned that this oil also worked very well to tame her newly found coils en curls.

After a lot of researching, weblogging, site-surfing, experimenting and trial and error she learned what many naturalistas have learned and that is our delicate coils and curls need moisture and sealing of the moisture. Every coil and curl that you find in your hair strands is a fragile point for breakage. So why not take care of you’re the hair with great botanical ingredients?

The company is gaining more recognition and is constantly looking for better ways to improve the products, service and quality. At the moment Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products has seven products. The Mimosa Cream is one of popular products as it is a moisturizer for dry and curly hair. Also Mimosa Butter is a favourite as it has been tested by the British weblog UKNaturals. Click here for the online review of the Mimosa Butter.

I know there is always hype about brands from the United States, but it is great to hear there are some great brands in Europe that Europeans have great access to. If you are in Europe, definitely check out her site!

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