International Naturals: A’keta in Iraq

Meet A’keta who lives in Iraq. She is a civilian who is there to support the military. Even though she is away from her family, she really loves what she does to support the soldiers. Kudos to A’keta. Check out her natural hair story.

Turkey~April 2011 (2)

I started my natural hair journey in December 2009. I sat in my sisters(who is a stylist) chair and did the big chop one day while I was home on leave from Iraq. I made the decision to cut my hair because I was deployed and did not trust anyone to do my hair other than my sister. I also had issues with my hair thinning  and felt that relaxers were contributing to that factor. Although I had been natural for about 6months in my 20s going natural in my 30s has been life changing for me. With my new haircut I felt sexier and more confident and I have been in love with my hair every since.

When I returned back to Iraq after cutting my hair everyone was so surprised that I cut all my hair off and while there are some ladies here with locks or low fads I was the only one to rock a curly TWA. I have had many people ask if I was mixed, if I have a texterizer, or some just ask how did I get my hair like this. I am sure that I always look crazy when I respond (I show all my expressions in my face) but I normally respond by saying “I just have natural curly hair and I have trained it.”

I have been to Africa, Turkey, Kuwait, Germany, and the United States and I have seen a lot of beautiful women with natural hair but everyone’s style is different. That is what I love about being natural. Everybody has their own unique style and you see it in their hair and the way they dress. It is a beautiful!

Turkey~April 2011

I have to say that after a year and half of being natural I decided to straighten my hair for the first time to see how much my hair had grown. When my sister stated blowing my hair out my ends seemed as if they wanted to hold on to my curls but after going through with the flat iron my hair was finally straight and I loved it.

My curls holding on~April 11

#Straighthair~April 2011

My hair was almost the length it was when I first cut it a year and a half ago. I quickly posted pics and my friends and family weighed in with their thoughts. All my naturals friends wondered if I went back to a relaxer, most people loved it  but my 10 year old nephew told me that he liked my hair curly and

my straight hair was no longer me….my curly hair fit my personality.