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Inspiration- What keeps you natural?

What keeps you inspired to stay natural? Ive had a couple of people ask me about how I stayed natural without getting the urge to relax again.  There really is no short answer. To be honest, it does take more work as a natural– I don’t want this to be discouraging. I don’t mind spending the time. Honestly, I could wash and go everyday and it would be super simple, but I chose not to do that. I am always messing with my hair and trying to learn how to do some new styles or use new products. I think the ability that I can do so much with it is what keeps me sane and away from relaxers. I’ve had several distractions and people telling me to get a relaxer. I could make a simple comment about how long it took me to detangle my hair and I will hear from my mother “You can always get a relaxer”. You have to really WANT to do this.  The bottom line is, YOU have to be comfortable with it. You can make it more time intensive by twisting, twist outs, braiding..etc… or you can make it simple to be natural by “wash and go”ing.  I choose to make it more difficult lol…but it’s all good. I don’t get bored with it.  How do you keep away from the temptations to go relaxed?