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Indique Studio Perfect 10 Blow Out Clip Ins For the Win

Indique Studio Perfect 10 Blow Out Clip Ins For the Win

I never knew how genius and easy clip-ins were until recently. I really wanted to try some different looks and clip ins were on my list. I do a ton of protective styles which last a long time, but sometimes I just want a different look for a couple of days without the commitment.

I decided to try them. I got the Studio Perfect 10 clip ins from Indique in Blow Out. My goal was to find a brand that had a hair texture like my natural hair texture blown out – but also a brand that is consistent since I knew I would be getting the hair colored to match my blonde. 

I reached out to Alicia Igess to color the clip ins. I knew I would need to go to a professional because I didn’t want to damage the hair. She did an excellent job of coloring and toning the hair.

Since this was my first time using clip ins- I tried two methods. One with all of my hair out and one with my hair braided in the back with some leave out.

For both methods, I wand curled the hair in chunky sections because I wasn’t looking for perfect curls.

Leaving all of my hair out 

Here is my first go with leaving my hair out and lightly blowing out my natural hair and not straightening it bone flat.



Small leave out in front and sides and back braided 

The next day, I decided to try it with most of my hair braided up because my natural hair got super puffy and frizzy the night before. This made it not as full, but I still loved it.


I find it way easier to conceal the clip ins with all of my hair out versus it braided in the back.   I’ll be practicing more using YouTube videos. It is super easy either way. The best thing is – you only need one pack of clip ins with this for Indique. I will definitely be getting good use out of these clip ins!  Check outIndique’s Clip Ins Here