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Indique Mystere Curl Update- 6 Week Recap

Indique Mystere Curl Update- 6 Week Recap

Wow! This is officially THE longest I have EVER, EVER kept in a weave. Usually by week 3, I’m taking it out. This has been so easy to work with, with special thanks to Shawnda Dee who has taught me how to care for weaves properly and how to blend my hair with this hair using no heat.

This has been an amazing journey! I will probably take the hair out sometime this week coming up. It has been 6 weeks so I’m going to turn this into 7 weeks. Almost 2 months. I think 2 months is a good max anyway. I have been washing my hair still, but there is nothing like really getting into your scalp and cleansing very well.

Plans for the Fall- I will probably do alot more straight styles and really play more with the versatility of natural hair which is my original reason for going and staying natural. ( will do a post on this soon)

Check out a recap of my hair over the past 6 weeks:

Day 1

Experimenting with a lil’ color! (p.s. I’m going to do this with my own hair soon)

I tried a variety of blending techniques. This is flat twists with flexi rods on the ends just in the front:

…and a curling rod with this one

The lazy high pony!

My go-to style after week 4 (late bloomer) lol

I haven’t experimented too, too much…but this hair was so easy that I was able to just kinda rock it how it is..just like my hair.

It’s been a great journey and this hair will not go in the trash. I will be re-using this hair. As soon as I take it out, I will co wash it, dry it and store it away for install later.