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Indique: Beach Wave + Pure Curly

Indique: Beach Wave + Pure Curly

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I definitely needed a short break with my hair while I do some traveling and am preparing for my performance for a Pole showcase.  I had 3 bundles of hair that I hadn’t used yet: 2 Beach Wave (20″, 22″) and 1 Pure Curly from Indique (20″).  I was super excited to try out this hair. I have seen both the Beach Wave and Pure Curly and LOVEEEE the look.

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I dyed all 3 bundles to match or to get similar to my tone- making sure they were all 3 different tones to get a multi-colored look like I prefer. Also, I will mention that I thought the hair texture was going to change alot since I bleached the hair, but it is still wavy and has body and texture! That is great! ( I don’t suggest you bleach the hair yourself. A professional should do it, but I’m kinda a daredevil and try to do stuff on my own)

I got the hair sewn in by Portia and she did an awesome job!

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The hair is super easy to maintain!! It hasn’t tangled on me at all. I used the Pure Curly on the top and the Beach Wave on the bottom. When I wash the hair, the natural wave pattern looks amazing, I don’t even have to do anything to it!

For my leave out, I just wash and straighten my hair and then wand curl it into the extensions for flawless blending! I only wash once a week and I typically only straighten my hair that one time and usually don’t have to go back through my hair.

At night, I comb out the hair with a paddle brush and then put it in 2 braids or put it in a low bun and then put on my bonnet. In the morning, I am good to go!

I Looovveee the length! Indique is known to be super generous with their length and I measured the 20″ and it was 22″!!! So I got an extra 2 inches! I’m not sure if it is like that with ALL Indique bundles, but I’ve heard that quite alot on reviews and thats what made me get out my measuring tape to see for myself! lol

(Sorry I don’t have any regular camera pics! I have been out and about lately and have forgotten to bring my camera with me!)

Loving the hair!!