Iman Cosmetics Introduces Her BB Creams

Iman Cosmetics Introduces Her BB Creams

BB Creams are all the rage right now, but very few brands have shades for women browner than me which is crazy. My shade should not be the deepest shade they have!! Well, we know Iman Cosmetics will not fail us. They are known for creating a range of shades for all races.

Out of most beauty brands, I think Iman Cosmetics has done the BEST job at creating products for all shades AND showcases a variety races. Check out their 6 shades for their new BB Cream:

Iman decided to introduce BB Creams because she, herself, was having a hard time finding any in her shade or that look great on Black skin. Check out her video to get more deets:

It comes out this December.

Will you be checking out the Iman Cosmetics BB Cream?