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I’m On The #RoadToEssence With The New @Ford Fusion

I’m On The #RoadToEssence With The New @Ford Fusion



Ford Motor Company hired me to share my Ford Fusion and Essence Festival experience.

If you don’t know by now, I am a total Ford girl. My very first car at 16 was a Ford Probe which I loved and I drove through half of college. Three years ago, I went to the dealership and was drawn to Fords again and I purchased a Ford Edge which I am obsessed with. While I love my Ford Edge, I love trying out new cars.

I have partnered with Ford to try out their new Ford Fusion Platinum Energi and head to New Orleans for the ESSENCE Music Festival with them. The Ford Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid and this was my first time experiencing one so I was very excited. You can use a combination of gas and electric. This car operates mostly using plug-in power.


First Thoughts

While I think the car looks super dope and sleek and my boyfriend raves about it, I get more excited about the interiors of cars. Technology excites me the most! The screen in the front is a great size and the icons are large which makes it extra safe when using the system to change the channel, use the navigation system, or anything else.

You can connect your phone to SYNC 3 which truly helps you be hands free. If you have an Apple iPhone, Apple Play connects when you plug your phone into a USB. I was actually surprised by this. This brought everything nice and big on the screen for me and made it easier for me to see my google maps. This brought up my apps that are compatible such as Pandora, Spotify, Audible and more.


Adaptive Cruise Control

If you have ever been to Atlanta, then you know about the horrible traffic. I have a pretty rough commute to work. In another car, it wouldn’t make sense for me to use cruise control, but with Adaptive Cruise Control, I’m in there!! This has stop-and-go technology for those of us who have to wait in traffic but want take the edge off. It accelerates and brakes for you while helping you keep a safe distance from other cars. This is just what I need in my life.

20 Driver Assist Features

The Adaptive Cruise Control is one of my favorite of the bunch, but another one that stands out to me is the pedestrian detection system. Cars are much easier to see when you are backing up, but sometimes its harder to see people (especially little ones) if they are in your blind spot. It’s better to be safe!


Hands-free Parallel Parking

Luckily I am pretty good at parallel parking, but I see people daily that aren’t that great at it lol. With the hands free parallel parking it takes the guessing and the wasted time (and holding up traffic) out of you trying to park yourself. If you live in a big city like ATL, you will find you have to parallel park alot. This is a great feature.

The 2017 Fusion Platinum Energi is amazing! I have had a great experience so far and everytime I discover a new feature I am in awe! LIterally!


I am excited to be playing the Ford Fusion Platinum Energi for the next week before I head to New Orleans for the ESSENCE Music Festival this weekend. If you are headed to New Orleans, make sure you come to the Convention Center and stop by the Ford activation and do a test drive. The Ford area is always jumpin’ so make sure you don’t miss it!!

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