I’m in Essence Mag- Oct issue

So I found out via Twitter (gotta love Twitter) that I am in Essence this month.  Page 72. I saw a twitpic of it because I had no idea I was going to be in Essence nor do I know where they got this pic from because I didn’t post it. So if you subscribe then you may already have this October  issue–if not, I don’t think you can purchase until next week or so. I’ll be checking the stands since my subscription JUST ran out. It is a pic from an event I went to a couple of weeks ago.

btw, TheMopTopMaven is in it too 🙂


curly comments!

  • lol, that’s so awesome! how crazy must it be to look and you are randomly in a national publication….congrats hon 🙂


  • That is so cool. I went and got mine out of the mailbox today. I saw you in there. It’s a cute pic. It’s weird that you have no clue where they got the picture from, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. Congrats!

  • mine came today and i hadn’t even read it yet….i just saw your pic!

  • Congrats hun!!!

  • Oh wow!!! I will have to check it out!! The issues is on the kitchen table! Congratulations!


  • lena

    oh that is so cool! i will run out and make sure i get it.
    im so happy that the editors in essence are starting to show natural hair options.

  • sarah

    the cover story is hilarious!

  • Tamico

    Wow, Congradulations, I sent them a email or comment on the article with Jada and to my surprise they put my (comment) in the comment section. I was so happy:) Your hair is pretty.

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Thanks everyone! And thats awesome Tamico.

  • Clarrisa

    Go Lexi!!