I’m Going On “Wheel of Fortune” !!!!

I’m Going On “Wheel of Fortune” !!!!

Sooooo Wheel of Fortune is my absolute favorite game show and hang man was my favorite game growing up. Every family dinner outing I had to play it.  I was soooo happy to get the phone call earlier this week that I had been selected to be on the show in 2 weeks in Los Angeles!!!!!!!

Lol sorry for all the exclamation points, I’m just super excited.

It all started last year around this time. I was watching the show and saw they were doing auditions in Atlanta. I ran to my computer and we had to upload a video first before being invited to come to the private Atlanta audition. If I recall, I think the video had to be really short like 1 minute or so. I talked about my love for game shows, Bentley, and of course…my blog!

I got the email invite to the private audition. I walked in and it was 2 groups that day. Each with I would say about 100 people. We played Wheel of Fortune in our seats and they called us up one by one to play the game. You called letters until you striked out. I won my rounds every time!!! 🙂

Next, we took a very hard test which had everyone scratching their heads and the Contestant Producers deliberated for about 20 minutes and came back to call the names of those that will move to the next round….Me, scared and damn near shaking….my name was called!! I was so excited. But that wasn’t it…

We then played a more realistic game where we stood in the front of the room. We had to fake spin the wheel and everything. I won my round again!

I sat back down and then they decided to call back some people to do it again. Oh no! They called me! I figured…well, it could mean they really liked me and wanted to see me again…OR they were on the fence about me and wanted to see what I could do. It was no question that I could solve the problems, but they want to see personality too.

They sent us all home saying we would receive a letter in the mail within 2 weeks if we had been selected…if not, basically we hadn’t made the show. They said it was going to move pretty fast and that if we were selected, they needed us to be available in 2 weeks to fly out to LA….

I raced home everyday after work RUNNING to the mailbox. Nothing…2 weeks went by and I finally came to the realization, They didn’t pick me 🙁 . My boyfriend kept saying, Oh, just relax! They will call you. Trust me.

11 months go by and as I’m sitting in my desk at work I see an unknown LA number. It was one of the Contestant Producers. He says , “Lexi!! Do you want to be on Wheel of Fortune?”.  I thought, Umm is this a trick question?.  I respond, “YEESSSSSSSS”. And my date was set.

I tape Wheel of Fortune November 15th in LA and the show will air in January or February. There is a small chance that the Executive Producers at the show can decide at the last minute to not use me, but I am being super optimistic and know that there will be no issues on that day 🙂 . (They always have to have a disclaimer just in case)

So now I’m faced with, What do I wear? What do I do? I need to practice, practice, practice!!

My mom is coming to join me and possibly my dad. Also two of my great friends Saundra and Terry will be there to support me as well!!

So, Wish me luck!