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I’m Going More Blonde!! What Color Do I Want?

I’m Going More Blonde!! What Color Do I Want?


Do you ever get to the point where you want something different?!? Well, I do! At first I wanted to cut my hair, but temporarily decided to let that go. Then I thought, a lighter blonde would be hot!!

I have been contemplating this for awhile. The biggest issue with blondes is that it is more damaging to your hair but anyone that knows me or follows me knows that I play around with my hair and am a tad risky.

You have to take risks sometimes ….. 🙂

I am looking for a lighter blonde and more of an ash blonde vs. caramel blonde like I usually do. I’m just in the mood for something different (And I will pray + do all of my treatments and deep conditioners to ensure I keep my hair as healthy as possible).

Sooo hopefully sometime soon I will be able to share my new color and my journey on trying to keep it as healthy as possible!