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I’m Featured In The AJC – Hair Bloggers In ATL

If you live in Atlanta, check out the AJC today. Last week I was contacted by a writer at the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) to be featured in an article about hair bloggers in ATL. They said the article was about how we have such a strong base in Georgia and that there are a huge number of people in the area that are interested in natural hair.

I do believe we have a huge amount of bloggers and natural ladies in the south, not sure exactly why that is but I have the reason on why I think it is big.

I was asked several questions like why I thought Georgia was poppin in the natural hair community, how do I separate myself from the thousands of other hair blogs, and much more.

Please check it out if you get a chance. Mahogany Knots and Natural Chica are also in the article.